there’s really cute guy (I just said cute, I’ve changed lol) who gets on the same train as me home and he works at the same place at me

also that guy in my room that is like my ex.. omfg I can’t stand it. They eat the same, talk about themselves all the time, so confident, so fuking god dam annoying, same like scrony body, boak boak boak. another reason to get out the room

The wifi is so shit here. I have to post everything to my drafts so expect large postings at once

staying in a mixed dorm. But it’s me and 7 guys… Was so weird. There was this Japanese guy. And I woke up in the middle of the night and he was at the end of his bed making the weirdest of noises… It looked like was having a wank… Boke get me outta that room

there’s guy in my hostel room that I was chatting to and he is literally the Australian/Indian version of my ex. everything he does is the exact same and also the fact that I can’t tell if he’s gay or not. fucking lol